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AMD turns out slew of Opterons

Ryan Block, @ryan

To kick off LinuxWorld this week (and to take a shot off the bow of Intel's new flagship Core 2 Duo line), AMD's announcing a slew of new AM2 and Socket F dual-core business-oriented Opteron processors with archaic badge designations and some hot features, including visualization (dubbed AMD-V), DDR2 support (finally), and the like. Clocked at up to 2.8GHz, supposedly AMD's new Socket F products can beat out Woodcrest Xeons, not that that's any real surprise. No, the real buzz going on here is with AMD's forthcoming single-die quad-core processor (not to be confused with the 4x4), due later this year to do battle with Intel's similar quad-core dual-die processor. Click on for the model graph rundown, or hit TG Daily for some more detail on the launch.

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