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Crossbeam divulges more info on projects


In an interview with Nintendo of Europe, indie development house Crossbeam Studios revealed some more on their three Wii projects. While the entire interview can be found here, it is only accessible to VIP members. Instead, we'll paraphrase the pertinent information for you.

In regards to Orb, this is the company's main project, followed by the other two proposed titles of Thorn and Darkness. Orb and Thorn are classified as adventure games, where Darkness is being classified as a more fear-based experience. See, the Earth has been overrun by forces of darkness and now mankind must make their last stand against these evil forces. The game will feature many branching paths to progress the story and lots of NPC interaction.

In commenting on the whole fear-based experience, Crossbeam's Greg Nichols said:

"Basically what I want you to feel when you turn off the game is that you're too afraid to turn the lights off. Think of when you were three years old, and the fear you had of basements, or the attic, or the dark. It's not the scare of the shock that I'm aiming for, what I want is the actual fear of the things that make you look over your shoulder. When I get afraid, my eyes start to water and a small tear comes out. I want that kind of fear to come out of the game."

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