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Exclusive Pics: WoW TCG at GenCon

Mike Schramm

Personally, I can't say that I'm real thrilled about the upcoming WoW TCG, partly because I've never really caught on to the whole CCG thing, and partly because I'm confused and frightened by any interaction with human beings that doesn't exist in a purely virtual world. Nope, it's just plain ol' online WoW for me!

But I'm sure that a number of you are interested in the game, and that's why I got in touch with my friend Chris, who attended last weekend's GenCon in Indianapolis. He doesn't play WoW, or know much about the game, but he did send this along:

"So yesterday I had a chance to check out the WoW TCG booth (or at least the Upper Deck booth? My mind is still spinning from the sensory overload). Anyway, they had demos going on, but only 4 at a time. I didn't try to get in, but quizzed a worker standing there. What he would tell me, is that the game comes out in October, there will be a starter pack, and boosters, they hadn't worked out the cost yet, and if I wanted to know more I should try a demo. I watched one for a bit, but being a total noob regarding WoW, and most TCG/CCGs in general, it didn't really tell me how the game was. The cards looked nice, and the people seemed to be soaking it in. One guy in another gaming session told me he had tried it and thought it was quite intuitive."

Not exactly a groundbreaking preview, I'll agree, but a valiant try for someone simply doing me a favor. Maybe it'll whet your already drooling palates for the game when it finally hits store shelves on 10/25.

And speaking of drooling, Chris also sent along a nice set of pics of what he saw at the booth for you all to drool over. Feast your eyes on exclusive pictures of the actual card game itself, right after you click the link below. And don't forget, if you have any impressions of the game at GenCon (or pictures better than these-- unlikely!), drop us a note at the "Send us news tips" link over on the sidebar.

No word yet on if Red Bull is going to be a required accessory or not...

There you have it. As far as we know the game is still scheduled for release on October 5th. Stay tuned for more as we find it.

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