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Leopard running free across the internet?

Evan Blass

Although those of you who enjoy remaining law-abiding citizens probably won't be all that interested in this particular development, the anxious and morally nebulous of the Mac community will be happy to learn that Apple's brand-spankin' new version of OS X has already found its way onto the internets -- well, a beta version, at least, presumably the one they handed out at WWDC 06 (no, we didn't get a copy). Not surprisingly, early "testers" reportedly claim that the software feels "incomplete." This is obviously not the first time an Apple operating system has leaked out before its intended release (tsk, tsk to those unscrupulous developers responsible): both the Tiger and x86 versions of OS X were being torrented around well ahead of their appearance on store shelves. Now we're not willing to risk the wrath of his Steveness in order to verify the truth behind this supposed leak -- that's what you readers are for. So if you happen to be a friend of a friend of someone who's successfully installed the unreleased OS on his/her machine (or have any other, um, links information to share), please feel free to inform your fellow Engadget reading pals in the comments section.

[Via Download Squad]

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