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HDBeat Flickr Wednesday: High-def isn't just about the picture

Matt Burns

Each week here at HDBeat, we are grab some of the best setups out of our Flickr pool to be featured here on our homepage. Sometimes people, us included, forget that high definition isn't just about the picture and forget that it includes high-quality audio too. This week we are going to feature setups that appreciate the audio aspect as well as the video.
errettp: Samsung HL-R6178W, Toshiba HD-A1, XBOX 360, Dish Network ViP-622, Swan Divas 6.1 and C3, Monster Power HTS 3600 MKII, Denon AVR-486S

jybikerboy: Polk R50

jhassler4: Paradigm CC-570, Paradigm Studio 60's, & Hsu vtf-2 mk2

jadeonly: 100" motorized screen, NHT SuperAudio ST4, SW10ii, SC2, and SB2 speakers

DRHamp: 56" Samsung DLP -- On left top is 200 GB Audio server, below is Linn Processor & 5- 100W amps. Right Top is Sony DirecTV/OTA Rcvr/Tuner. Right 2nd is Oppo Upscaling DVD. Right Middle HTPC w/mirrored 250GB drives for Hd recording, Right Bottom XBox

BobMc: ATI AT2505 & ATP 7500, Pioneer CLD-D704, Samsung SIR-TS160, V, Inc. Bravo D1, &Toshiba 50HDX82

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