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Veterans of PvP to keep their stars


If you were wondering what would happen to your Grand Marshall title floating above your head once the new PvP system is introduced, you need not worry.

The 6 months of your life you spent grinding honour, sleeping 2 hours a day, shielding yourself from natural light, drinking disturbingly high amounts of Red Bull and developing nasty case of carpel tunnel will no go unpunished unrewarded.

According to the toxic tree Drysc, PvP titles from the old system will still be available for display. Previously attained ranks will be available in a drop down menu for selection, with an option of no title shown at all. It is unclear when this will be implemented, but apparently the old PvP ranks will be for show only as the new system uses different ranking criteria.

So if you want to have an impressive legacy title floating over your head you have about 2-3 months more to grind your way to no social life and your very own WoW vanity plates.

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