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Kaz Hirai talks PSP, denies redesign


Nintendo fans have Reggie. We have Kaz. There's no real new info in his interview with Gamespot, but it's always interesting when a Sony exec goes on the record about the system. Here are some bullet points summarizing what he said:

  • Sony is still "hard at work" on Connect. (Note: It was originally supposed to come out in March.)
  • PSone downloads will come "close" to the PS3 launch. "Obviously, we certainly are not going to have 1,200 titles come out at once. You also need to realize that some of the games just don't translate well onto a PSP environment, games that require the use of the two analog sticks, for example."
  • No plans for a PSP price drop OR redesign. Sony is "happy" with PSP; it is their "fastest-growing product."

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