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Mobelform's 'Ultimate' flat-panel TV stand

Matt Burns

We see a lot of "ultimate" items around these parts and so the word has became rather desensitized in our vocabulary. i.e. ultimate HD DVD Star Trek collection, ultimate HTPC, ultimate hook-up guide. So when someone claims they have found the ultimate flat-panel stand visions of motorized lifts and room for every set-top box dance in our heads, but while we like this stand by Mobelform, we have to disagree with This is a cool stand and is partly motorized with a remote-controlled hight adjustment that allows the TV to periscope up and down, it just doesn't fit the title of ultimate. We do find the swiveling base and cable management a great, and necessary, addition but for $5,800 a person could hire one of the best installers and have a great custom installation anywhere they want.

[Via Bornrich]

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