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RAmos RM150 plays XviD on the cheap

Darren Murph

While the myriad of Chinese PMPs tend to share a few similarities, namely being cheap (in more ways than one), the RAmos RM150 does a decent job of making a name for itself by touting native XviD support and sporting a swank PDA-like design. RAmos offers both 512MB and 1GB flavors, and the pocket-size device rocks a 2.2-inch TFT screen which displays your ever-growing collection of XviD and AVI files with ease. While you won't fit too many of those clips on such skimpy amounts of storage, you can carry quite a few MP3s and WMA files along, and there's always the FM tuner should you need some fresh material on the go. While there's no word on battery life, we wouldn't expect too much more from the RM150 -- after all, this unit is already a big step forward from the company's gaudy gold offering of last year. If you don't mind the limited storage capacity (and the complete lack of expansion options), the 512MB version can be had for 399 CNY ($50), while 1GB will run you just 499 CNY ($63).

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