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Polk Audio ships I-Sonic XM/HD Radio combo system


It's not quite an XM / Sirius combo unit, but Polk Audio's new I-Sonic system is nonetheless a first of its kind, combining XM and HD Radio capabilities along with a CD / DVD player for good measure. For those who still enjoy rocking it 20th century style, it'll also pick up plain old AM and FM radio stations. The unit itself measures a countertop-friendly 14.5 x 9.75 x 4.75 inches and packs two sets of auxiliary inputs that'll let you jack in just about any audio device you like (like, say, a Stiletto, perhaps?), as well as S-Video and composite video outputs in case you want to do more than just listen to DVDs. List price is a hefty $599 US, but Polk knows you're good for it.

[Via Talk Radio Nation]

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