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TiVo Series 3 beta box snapped in the wild!

Ryan Block, @ryan

It wasn't exactly a well kept secret that TiVo was beta testing its Series 3 boxes in select markets, but up until now there wasn't a man or woman brassy enough to break the NDA and snap some shots of the damned thing. Behold, the Series 3 in the wild! Unfortunately it doesn't yet seem to have TiVoToGo, and from what we hear the cable company had to go through four CableCARDs to get the damned thing working properly (no comment on whether it was TWC) -- but all that's irrelevant. If you're half as excited as we are about this thing then you're pretty mofriggin' stoked. Click on for some more shots of this thing running on some lucky bastard's rig.

TiVo Series3 CableCARD slot
Wait, seriously, two CableCARDs? This is better than we thought!

TiVo Series3 Rear

Series3 CableCARD Config
Hubba hubba.

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