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D2E Robotics to offer programmable bot this October


Korean start-up D2E Robotics looks to be aiming to take down WowWee's RoboSapien (ED-209-style) with its upcoming programmable robot, the decidedly less-catchily-named D2V-ZN. Set to retail for close to $750 US when it launches this October, the one-foot-tall programmable mech comes loaded with a built-in camera and will recognize voice commands.. While it's certainly a bit pricey to start with, the company says the price should come down to a more reasonable 300,000 Won, or just over $300US, once/if the robot starts selling in large quantities (emphasis on if). Either way, we're guessing it's going to be a Korea-only thing for a while yet, meaning you'll still have to pay quite a premium to actually get your mitts on one. Unless you're Omni Consumer Products, in which case you probably already own thousands.

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