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Upcoming Creative Zen Vision:W leaked


A size-bumped Zen Vision:M wasn't the only thing to get some rumor play yesterday. Rumblings also began of a Zen Vision:W to replace the Zen Vision, which was infamous for its bad viewing angle. Now the Vision:W itself has hit newsstands in the latest issue of Popular Mechanics magazine. Featured most prominently is the 4.3-inch widescreen, which Pop Mech calls "the best screen we've seen on a portable media player." High praise indeed. It looks like the standard bevy of Creative codec support is going to be evident here, and the prices aren't too bad neither: $399 for the 30GB version, $499 for 60GB (OK, not exactly free). Of course, that "W" stands for widescreen, not wireless, but the Zune won't have nothing on this screen, so it's really a different game entirely.

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