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GN Netcom 9350 dual-function wireless headset now shipping


If you've been looking for a headset that'll work with your plain old phone service and also let you do that VoIP thing, you might want to take a peep at GN Netcom's new 9350 dual-function headset (or just look past it if you're on a budget). While GN's "future-proof" claim seems a little dubious, for $349 you do get a 300 foot range on 1.9GHz (think: "WiFi-friendly") with DECT 6.0 technology, as well as promised sound enhancements from the headset's noise-canceling microphone and DSP and IntelliTone capabilities. Expect to get about six hours of talk time when using it with a PC, or nine hours on regular phone duties, with a recharge time of three hours and forty-three hour standby time. If you really want to blow things out, you can also sync up to four headsets to a single base station for conference calls, which kinda negates the whole VoIP cost savings thing, but do your thing.

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