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DirecTV offers new TracVision A7 satellite TV system for vehicles


If you've been eyeing one of those rooftop satellite dish monstrosities for your Suvee-action-jeep or gravity-defying motor home, there's a new one in town that can receive those snazzy DirecTV value-adds like XM Satellite Radio and local programming. The TracVision A7 goes for a spankin' $2,995, and of course you'll be shelling out $45 for the subscription cost, but isn't that a small price to pay to be able to make fun of your local sports guy wherever you may roam? (Within your local television market area, of course). DirecTV Total Choice Mobile is still the only satellite TV package for cars after two years in action, and we don't see any price breaks in sight, but at least now you can get a bit more for your money.

[Via Orbitcast]

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