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Aiptek's MyNote, for Tablet PC-lovers on a budget

Evan Blass

In today's modern world of super technology, you can't really show up to a meeting anymore sporting just a plain old pen and notepad (unless you want Peter and Ryan to giggle and mock you behind your back, that is), but not everyone can afford a fancy Tablet PC on their blogger's meager incomes. Enter German manufacturer Aiptek with its MyNote digital "clipboard," a standalone A4-size device that can capture your notes and inevitable doodles on its 1,000-dpi touchscreen, saving your priceless chicken-scratch onto 32MB of internal memory for later uploading onto a real, Windows-powered machine. The MyNote, which costs only 113 euros ($144) -- plus the price of five AAA batteries required to power tablet and pen -- can store up to 135 pages of your brilliant musings, and even more if you slip an SD card into the expansion slot. Sure, you're not getting a full-fledged computer here, but with its 20-hour battery life, you and your MyNote will still be semi-productive long after your colleagues' laptops have crapped out and their Minesweeper jonesing renders them completely useless.

[Via MobileWhack and MobileMag]

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