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Sigma teases SD14 DSLR


We've gotta hand it to Sigma, with other companies announcing a slew of digital cameras in advance of Photokina, it's holding out and unveiling its new DSLR, the SD14, at the show itself. Of course, they're still doing their best to build anticipation with a trying-to-be-mysterious teaser site that taunts us with such penetrating dialogue as "you believe that all RAW data is created equal?" and "if you could have fundamentally better technology, would you settle for added, improved functions instead?" We'll leave you to ponder that for a minute, but rest assured, "the truth will soon be revealed." It also looks like the truth has been leaked, as evidenced by the pic after the break that cropped up's discussion forum, although it seems we'll still have to wait for the big unveiling at Photokina to get all the camera's deets.

[Via DP Review, thanks Robby B]

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