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European PS3 slogan: "This is Living"


Unveiled at the Leipzig Games Convention and seemingly ignored by most, the official PS3 slogan for Europe has Sony proudly declaring, "This is living." Reeking of hyperbole and only tenuously linked to gaming, it's the sort of marketing that fits in quite snugly with an industry asking us to "jump in" (with your credit card details) and assuring us that playing is the equivalent of believing (the praise or the criticism?). Of course, as with the other snappy lines, it's only a matter of time before witty internet personalities pervert Sony's message into something scathing and occasionally amusing.

  • "This is living. So, it's true. The cost of living really has gone up."
  • "This is living ... in abject poverty!"
  • "This is living -- it really does have four dimensions!"
  • "The PS3 is living? Well, at least that's a few steps up from the thinking Dreamcast."
  • "This is living (now attack its weakpoint for massive damage)."
Nyuk nyuk. Be sure to make your own as you watch Kikizo's embedded video, marveling at consoles floating in a void and imagining how much more effective "You need this to play Metal Gear Solid 4" would have been.

[Thanks Neil!]

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