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Crossover for the Mac Beta

Scott McNulty

CodeWeavers has just released the beta of Crossover for the Mac. What the heck is Crossover for the Mac? It is a WINE environment that allows you to run Windows applications along side OS X applications, without the need for virtualization. This product will be a boon for those folks that only need one Windows application from time to time.

I had a chance to install this on my MacBook Pro (this works on Intel Macs only, folks), and it is obviously still a beta. I was able to install Office 2003, but Outlook refused to connect to my Exchange server, which pretty would be the only reason I would be using Crossover. However, it is still a beta so these things will happen (it also froze up a few times). You can check out more pics of Crossover in action over at Engadget.

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