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DS dominates Japanese game sales charts

Kyle Orland

We already know that the Nintendo DS is hotter than sliced bread in Japan, but this week's Japanese sales charts show just how dominant the system is in the land of the rising sun -- the top ten best-selling games in Japan for the week of Aug. 21 - 27 were all Nintendo DS games. The list is dominated by the new DS remake of Final Fantasy III, which quickly sold over half a million copies in the Square-obsessed nation, but older games like the original Brain Age and Animal Crossing Wild World are also holding on to the top ten. The DS also dominated Japanese hardware sales, selling nearly three times as much as all other systems combined.

It would seem Nintendo's Japanese numbers have nowhere to go but down, but with the coming release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, it's anyone's guess how large Nintendo's lead in the country could get.

Read - Japanese source numbers
Read - Translated rankings from NeoGAF

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