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PaPeRo : Shibuya girls' favorite robot

Cyrus Farivar

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While we tend to prefer more aggressive robots, or more sporty robots, most of the 500 Shibuya girls surveyed in the latest issue of Robot Life tend to prefer kawaii (um, cuteness). The champion of the informal 500 person poll was PaPeRo, a short stubby little mini robot that looks like the lovechild of R2D2 and the Fighting Nun puppet. PaPeRro, whom we fell in love with at CeBIT, beat out such competitors as the security guard bot Wakamaru and the ifBot, an elderly-friendly little droid. We still think that PaPeRo should enter the Robo-One in the Space competition, which is totally feasible since it has few years to work it out and get in fighting shape. Click on for the list of today's best robots, as rated by a ton of Japanese ladies.

[Via Wired Blogs]

Robot Life's robot popularity ranking:

  1. PaPeRo
  2. Ifbot
  3. Wakamaru
  4. Robofie VS-1
  5. Nuvo
  6. Manoi PF01
  7. Vision Nexta
  8. KHR-2HV
  9. RB 1000
  10. Robonova I

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