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Nokia re-ups N80 with "Internet Edition"

Chris Ziegler

Take a garden variety N80, stuff it full of applets with an affinity for packet data, and re-release it as the N80 Internet Edition. That's exactly what Nokia has announced this week, bundling the venerable 3-megapixel N80 slider with a range of new software -- you get Yahoo Go for Mobile, Flickr, some Amazon-branded goodies, Nokia's enhanced web browser, improved app management through a "Download!" client, and most importantly, SIP-compliant VoIP, perfect for use with the N80's WiFi support. If you're worried that the street value of your existing N80 has just dropped significantly, fret not; the Internet Edition hardware is identical to the existing model, though it'll be available in "patina bronze" and "pearl black." Sadly, we've confirmed with Nokia that the new model come in only the "global" variant, meaning that although you get quad-band GSM, no UMTS 850 or 1900 is in the cards. If you can get over the lack of good ol' American 3G, look for the N80 Internet Edition to drop stateside some time in Q4.

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