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Samsung's X820 + 3G = SGH-Z370

Chris Ziegler

We're always willing to sacrifice a couple millimeters to add 3G data to our handset, particularly when said handset clocks in at a positively anorexic 6.9mm thick. Samsung's hoping its European customers agree, taking their paper-thin X820, adding UMTS, and rechristening it the SGH-Z370. Besides the addition of some wicked fast data, the Z370 throws in a microSD slot for good measure, all while adding a mere 1.5mm to the thickness of the phone -- that still leaves it a good 2.6mm thinner than a SLVR, for the record. We don't expect the Z370 to come in an American flavor, but for what it's worth, it did just hop the FCC fence this week.

[Thanks, TC]

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