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Portable "home theater" hits the PSP

Ed Stasick

The latest PSP accessory from FriendlyTech is the SRS-Magic Woofer. Besides having a name that makes me chuckle for some reason, it promises to make the PSP into the ultimate portable home theater.

"Picturing yourself directly into your music, movie, or even your favorite videogame is a heavenly experience. With the SRS-Magic Woofer, the virtual sound paradise is possible." said Aaron Johnson, Project Manager of FriendTech. "In my office, in the car, or even when jogging, the Woofer adds great theater sound. It will be hard getting back to standard audio on any of my devices."

The device boasts a bevy -- yes, a bevy! -- of features:

  • The Woofers virtual-surround-sound system enhances any multichannel or stereomono audio source; it even supports SRS CS, Dolby Pro Logic (AC-3), DTS, and MP3 SX.
  • Virtualizes the channels, creating "phantom" speakers that extend all around the listener. When receiving mono or stereo content, the Woofer presents an expansive three dimensional sound field.
  • Built-in Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery that plays back 9 hours on 1 full charge
But the thing that I'm most excited about is this:
  • It supports all audio playback devices, so you can even turn your iPod, Nintendo DS and PSP into surround sound through headphones, earphones, homeoffice, or car.
I think you know why!

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