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Verizon Wireless gives the green light to the 8703e

Michael Caputo

Well it appears that Verizon Wireless has decided to give the green light for launch of the much anticipated BlackBerry 8703e. Look for this decice on the web the 17th of this month, and B2B on the 18th (sorry, no date yet for those wishing to pick theirs up at a retail store). Overall the pricing is consistent with the previous QWERTY BlackBerry: two year contract is at $349.99, $399.99 on a one year, and (ouch!) $469.99 full retail. This BlackBerry is built on the 8700 platform and shares all the same features and functionality only bringing Broadband Access Connect (tethering) to the table. All in all, an overdue addition to BlackBerry's CDMA lineup. Now the only quandary is to buy the 8703e or the Pearl. Decisions, decisions.

[Thanks, Dizzle]

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