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Sony of America responds to PS3 shortage

Nick Doerr

Dave Karraker, a big name at Sony Computer Entertainment America, sat down with IGN to respond to the influx of terrible Sony news plaguing the multiverse. We'll summarize the key Q&A below.

  • The 500,000 unit statement is completely true. The North American numbers (400,000) is just below what the PS2 launch had available and is higher than the initial Xbox360 numbers. There will be 1-1.2 million PS3's by the end of December in the US.
  • Sony is still confident in the 6 million fiscal year end mark. Why? They believe the production of the blue laser diodes will grow more efficient over the next couple of months and drastically increase supply.
  • Sony does accept the fact this error has damaged their image, but remain steadfast the PS3 will sell through its entire inventory.
  • As Karraker said, "Any time you push the envelope as far as we are pushing it, there are risks. However, at the end of the day, when people see how advanced this system is, the snags we may have encountered along the way, will quickly fade into the past." Hope so!

You can check out the other pieces of the interview if you would like, but most else is just filler or not quite as pertinent to the shortage itself. We've got to stay strong! Sony isn't giving up, so we shouldn't give up on them either. Let's try to give 'em a little love, whaddya say?

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