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Breakfast Topic: Where does your money go?

Jennie Lees

Ever found yourself looking at your pitiful stash of gold and wondering where on earth it all went? Log in daily to find yourself spending more cash than you earn? Once you reach a 'comfortable' amount of money (for me, it's about 200g) it's easy to spend freely, but a gold here and there quickly add up, putting you on the fast track to Brokeville.

Personally, I find almost all my cash goes on repairs and potions -- with a recent unlucky streak of multiple wipes due to lag, I've definitely been haemorrhaging money during raids. PvP is also costly, though at least I don't have to provide ammo or feed a pet. Thank goodness I have profitable tradeskills! Where does your cash go, and how do you juggle the demands on your pocket?

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