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When is network news coming to HDTV?

Ben Drawbaugh

A trend we have witnessed over the past few years is when a studio show gets a new studio that usually means they get HD. We saw it with Sportscenter, GMA and soon on the "Today" show. But this week we saw a new era of CBS news from arguably the HD leader, but no HD for Katie Couric and the CBS Evening news. Our friends over at HDTV Magazine had a chance to ask CBS's Vice President of Advanced Technology/Engineering, Robert Seidel what was up and he had a pretty good explanation. Basically he doesn't see the point of pouring all the resources into a 30 minute show with only 16 minutes a day of HD, so instead they are dedicating those resources to local news around the country which produce as much as 8 hours a day. Although there are a few people lucky enough to watch their local news in HD most of us are still living in the SD news world.

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