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Cary Audio Design intros DVD 8 upscaling universal player

Darren Murph

If you're still a fence sitter in the HD DVD / Blu-ray war, and you just can't part with that sweet sounding 5.1 audio collection, home theater boutique Cary Audio Design has a new universal player that should fit the bill quite nicely while the high definition blows are being thrown. The DVD 8, debuting at CEDIA, plays nice with DVD, SACD, and DVD Audio, and sports the oh-so-touted 720p / 1080i upscaling thanks to its component / HDMI (with HDCP, no less) outputs. The device features an impressive 24-bit Cirrus Logic 4360 DAC, as well as digital and analog 5.1 outputs to meet multi-channel expectations, and apparently supports both NTSC and PAL playback. If you're looking to consolidate that home theater setup while waiting for the ever elusive HD DVD / Blu-ray combo unit, the DVD 8 will begin shipping later this month for a currently undisclosed (but presumably costly) amount.

[Via Talk About: CEDIA]

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