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High-def presenting new challenges to set designers

Matt Burns

Doesn't it just tear every fiber in your body when you are immensely enjoying a TV show only to be distracted by a bad set? You know, kind of like when Sidney Bristo (Alias) is racing down an exhaust vent to 'disarm' a satellite gizmo on a random rocket just before the launch and therefore the utter distruction of the world but the rocket they show is the Saturn V used in the Apollo program. These distractions could be minor like how the rocks just don't look like rocks or you can clearly see a sailboat off in the distance when a group of people are suppose to be Lost. HDTV doesn't help these issues ether as that extra resolution can ether make or break your viewing experience. Emmy and Telewest award-winning set designer Eve Stewart understands this and indicated that filming in high-def presents new challenges with the likes that have not been seen since the advent of color television. A suvey conducted bt Telewest found that 23% of people will go as far to change the station if the show has an unconvincing or unrealistic set. We don't know about going that far but we do like it when that easter eggs shows that HDTV rocks.

Do you change the station if something just doesn't look or feel right about a TV show?

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