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5 reasons HDTV might NOT boom

Matt Burns
Save recently listed five reasons HDTV will succeed and now Mr. Philip Swann spouts out five reasons that it might boom. The first time around we agreed with his reasons just not in the way they were ordered, and the same thing goes for this time too. In truth we just have an issue with number one and two; flip-flop those and we are on board 100%. Price is important but there needs to be more programing. Retail salesmen can chime in when we say people are more frightened by the amount of, or lack of, programming than anything else. If a person is going to spend X amount of money on something, they expect to use it more often than not. Lack of high-def programming is more likely to signal a dip in HDTV sales than the price.

TVPredictions 5 reasons why HDTV Sales WILL NOT boom.

  1. Price
  2. Not Enough Programming
  3. Industry Confusion & Chaos
  4. The HDTV DVD Disaster
  5. People Still Have Their TV

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