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DIRECTVs HR20 MPEG-4 DVR now available at Best Buy

Matt Burns

DIRECTVs long awaited MPEG-4 HD DVR is slowly making its way into new markets nationwide via Best Buy Stores. This DVR started in the Los Angeles market but thanks to the power of the Internet, all hail the Internet, the unit can now be ordered from for a cost of $399. We have discovered via their store search that it is in fact available in new markets across the country signaling a nationwide roll out. Interestingly enough,, another large DIRECTV provider, doesn't list this model anywhere and a quick call to a local store proved that Circuit City isn't carrying this model just yet. Just a quick warning though: unlike DIRECTV's first HD DVR, this model does NOT come with an HDMI cable. They had to cut costs someplace.

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