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Is the music industries fate in the hands of high-def media producers?

Matt Burns

Is the high-def medium the next golden market for the music industry? We don't know but we aren't exactly what you could consider experts on the music scene. But just think about the iPod generation and their love affair with low-quality but highly portable music. Is high-quality music on HD DVDs or Blu-ray going to spur sales alone? Debbie Block (pictured) from eMediaLive thinks so but only if they add video. You see, before the iPod-gen came around there were the MTV kids that actually watched MTV for the videos and Ms. Block believes that this is the key. The music industry is going to need to team up with a high-def media and produce discs that are going to appeal to this crowd. The iPod generation already has the portable scene wrapped up with cheap, white headphones but there is a whole new market opening up in living rooms and media rooms across the country and it is all thanks to high definition. Keep in mind that this was tried before but failed thanks to another format war between SACD and DVD Audio. Maybe the third time will do the trick.

Would you buy a music HD DVD/Blu-ray disc for use in your home?

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