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SIM2's HD5000: another 1080p, 3-chip DLP for the home


SIM2 dropped additional product for home theater buffs today with the introduction of their HT5000 projector and Home Cinema Scope System. The HT5000 is yet another 1080p projector targeting home cinemas which, just like the DPI's TITAN 1080p, features three of TI's 0.95-inch 1080p DarkChip3 DMD chips albeit dolled-up in a prettier dress. While we know the DLP sports a 300-watt lamp and 5000:1 (full on / full off) contrast ratio, SIM2 fails to mention any inputs. Nevertheless, we're hoping to find at least a couple of HDMIs like those found in their HT3000 when more details (and pricing) are released in Q4. Also announced at the CEDIA Expo in Denver is the SIM2 Scope System which combines a new lens with enough processing power to convert the typical 16:9 widescreen output from your projector to a theater-like 2.35:1 aspect ratio sans letterboxing. Just prepare to drop an additional $12k for such excessive luxury, mkay? Check the Scope System snuggled up to a SIM2 C3X projector after the break.

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