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Arresting new Sam & Max gameplay clips


We really appreciate Telltale Games' business acumen. With roughly a month to go before the doggy detective and hyperkinetic rabbity thing return in a brand new (and very episodic) adventure, the shared excitement between veteran point-and-clickers is beginning to emit an unseen vibration that threatens to shake the very universe apart. As the universe is very much a necessary component in conducting business, the developer has wisely indulged the disastrous demand for Sam & Max content by releasing a trio of gameplay snippets on their official blog (embedded after the break). Hypothetically, these should help you keep your composure for a little while longer.

Be sure to compare the new voice actors to the original duo -- though Sam sounds a little robotic at times, the new pair really nail it in terms of humor and spirit. That's really all that matters.
"Do you ever wonder what life would be like if we were bugs?"
"Short, I hope. Although I've always wanted to have more arms."

Also, we promise not to use the word "acumen" again.

[Via Adventure Gamers]

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