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iTunes 7 supports 'reverse syncing'

Scott McNulty

iTunes 7 introduces a new feature called 'reverse syncing.' What's that all about? Well, let's say you have two Macs; one at home and one at work. You have all your music on your home Mac, but you sure would like to get it onto your work computer. Past iterations of iPod/iTunes would only allow you to sync with that home Mac and nothing else. Now you can sync with that home computer, and then hook your iPod up to another machine and get your content from the iPod onto the second machine.

There is one catch. This only works with videos/audio that were purchased from the iTunes Store, and all the computers that you are syncing with have to be authorized to play the content (so that's up to 5 computers, either Mac or PC).

This feature is still cool, and I am sure the RIAA didn't want Apple to make it easy to 'reverse sync' stolen music, but what about all those MP3's that I ripped from my CD's? Those are mine, fair and square.

Baby steps, I suppose.

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