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Live "It's Showtime" coverage

Dan Pourhadi

That's right, we will be providing "live" coverage of the Apple "It's Showtime" event...sorta. None of the TUAW team is actually at the event, but we'll be using our quick refresh skillz and super-typing-speed to relay you the information from sources like MacRumors, iLounge, and our buddies at Engadget.

Of course, if that broadcast does in fact turn out to be live, we will be providing our own, up-to-the-minute coverage, for you folks stuck at work or on a computer/connection not suited for streaming video.

Click the "Continue reading..." link to see the updates, posted newest-at-the-top. Also check out Engadget for pictures and a build-up to The Big One.

11:17 - Apple website and store now up

11:07 - Q1 2007; compatible with PC or Mac iTunes; $299

11:06 - no TV tuner in the set-top it seems, unless I'm missing something

11:00 - pulls media from computer; access trailers and iTunes Store selected content

10:56 - demo; hook it to a set top box or TV; interface is next-gen Front Row; big images

10:54 - 1/2 size of Mac mini; works with Apple Remote

10:52 - "like a mac mini"; iTV is temp name; big screen flat TV; power cord in back; USB, Ethernet, 802.11 wireless; component video; optical audio; HDMI

10:52 - "you can take content to a computer or iPod...but now: TV"; Apple will release a wireless box for the TV

10:52 - "one last thing": Q1 of 2007 "completes the story"

10:51 - wrapping it up

10:46 - Bob Iger on stage, doing the usual pimping - movies on iPod is "breakthrough" (HandBrake, anyone?)

10:44 - usage rights the same as TV shows (no burning?)

10:40 - download manager in iTunes; watch movie as it downloads; international in 2007

10:39 - "iTunes Store" is the new name; better interface on the home page; "near DVD quality" 640x480 resolution (meh); 5-6mb broadband download in 30 minutes

10:38 - new releases, 12.99$ preorders; same day as DVD release, after that $14.99; most titles $9.99

10:37 - Adding movies to the iTunes Store; all Disney-owned; 75 films -- Pirates and Cars available

10:36 - One More Thing...

10:28 - move iTunes media between multiple computers with iPod as the conduit!

10:26 - iPod management inside iTunes with Installer and tabs ("beautiful visual representation")

10:25 - 640x480 resolution videos in the store for TV shows

10:23 - iTunes 7: most sig. update ever; source list includes library for all media; Store has own section, so do devices; Top has new views; iTunes will load missing cover art if you have an iTunes account; Cover flow view: rapidly find album art on timeline

10:18 - now onto iTunes: 88% share of legal US downloads; 1.5 billion songs purchased and downloaded

10:17 - USB 2 dock included; one model: 1GB, "World's smallest MP3 player"; 12 hour battery - $79; ships October

10: 15 - iPod shuffle: 2nd gen introduced; size of iPod Remote; metal body with white click wheel

10:14 - new iPod ads; colored silhouttes with "flat" backgrounds

10:12 - double nano storage for same price; 52% volume reduction in packaging; 40% smaller charger, new armband, new lanyard headphones

10:12 - 24 hour battery for nano; black color nano added; 3 models: 2GB silver, 4GB all colors (except black), 8GB model in black

10:11 - second generation nano: mini body; aluminum and thinner than first nano (they can make it thinner?!); colors just like the mini

10:10 - new 80GB iPod; 20000 songs, shipping today

10:09 - purchase games for $4.99 from iTunes; works on all 5G models; new iPod $249

10:07 - new software features: quick search using letter scroll; games added (bejeweled, cubis 2, Mahjong, Mini Golf, Pac man, tetris, texas hold em, vortex, zuma); sophisticated graphics, high resolution

10:04 - iPod updates: brighter, battery upped to 3.5 hours for video; new heaphones (changed shape); iPod now offers gapless playback

10:03 - Discussing iPod + car connectivity...70% of 2007 models supported. Nike + iPod sports kit...Foot Locker impressed with shoe sales ("blown away"); 450,000 kits sold in 90 says

10:02 - Steve comes on after some Dylan.

9:58 - Engadget reports it's a small event, maybe 300-400 people.

9:51 - It's almost time. Anticipation fills the air sweaty smell you get after working out...or something...

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