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Logitech updates the Harmony look and feel with the 1000

Matt Burns

Logitech finally spent some cash with their design department and updated the look of their dated Harmony remotes. The previous high-end design wasn't anything pretty but it did function very well in it's conventional form factor. If you have never used one of these remotes, they have built in macros which makes it a joy not only to you but everyone else that uses your amazing, but complex, AV system. (Our review of the $150 659 here) The 1000 brings a nice, big LCD touch panel to work with. Basically, Logitech took the look and feel of those uber-expensive custom install remotes and worked the Harmony system into a similar form factor. Just like the previous high-end, the 890, it operates via RF waves that will allow users to control the volume of the tunes in another room. For $499, it isn't a bad package and a rather nice alternative to remotes that cost more then your house payment.

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