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No SDTV patch for Dead Rising players

Erik Hanson

In a blow to Xbox 360 owners who aren't using using HDTVs, Capcom has denied requests to release a patch for the recent zombie-survival game, saying it would not be possible due to the scope of the changes required. Many players of the game are complaining that the game's subtitles are almost unreadable on standard definition TVs. While we always advise people upgrade to HD anyway, we're not really sure why Capcom is refusing. Having been around the game and high-def industries for some time, their reasoning really sounds more like a smoky cover-up than a true technical constraint, but what else can players do? 1Up tried to get owners of the game to complain to Capcom and get a resolution from the game's publisher, but to no avail.

[Via Slashdot]

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