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Warner shipping 2.4:1 HD DVDs

Matt Burns

So. Warner Home Video has the HD DVD releases of Space Cowboys and Lethal Weapon 2 hitting the shelves today and the eagle-eyed (or geeky) customers will notice something isn't right with the specs on the back of the box. These two titles are being sold as 1080p Standard Definition 16x9 2.4:1. The 1080p and 16x9 is fine but the whole Standard Definition and 2.4:1 just doesn't sit right with us. Now correct us if we are wrong here, cause we are a lot, but shouldn't that read High Definition and 2.40:1. Keep in mind these are HD DVDs and 1080p is definitely high-def. Ah, what do we know? These companies are professionals and they must know something we don't.

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