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Meet MI-RAI-RT, from the maker of AIBO


Sony, after your futile attempt to scorch the Earth of our beloved robot dog, prepare to meet thy maker. MI RAI-RT, from AIBO's creator Tomoaki Kasugi now of Speecys Corp, is the latest all singing, all dancing robot, all growed-up and ready for release upon Japan. In addition to reading you the news downloaded over its 802.11g WiFi module, MI RAI-RT (which presumably translates to "future judgement" in Japanese) will teach your family English and deliver "3D messages" via RTML -- yes, that'd be Robot Transaction Markup Language -- which entails reading emails or other message types with appropriately intimidating body language. Weighing in at just 13-inches and 3.3-pounds, he won't be grinding execs into a human sausage all on his own, but he's apparently capable of terrorizing the shiznit out of your kids right from the box. Expect critical density to build starting October 31st when these drop for a ¥294,000 or about $2,495.

[Via Robot Gossip]

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