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Trolltech announces pricing for Greenphone kits

Chris Ziegler

The good news: the Greenphone really is available for purchase. The bad news: Trolltech wasn't joking when they said the phones would be heading straight to developers with nary an end user in sight. The Greenphone is only available as part of one of three software development bundles put together by the company, ranging in price from $695 to $890; to be fair, those aren't unheard of prices to pay for an unbranded, unlocked smartphone these days (SDK or no), but when you take a good, hard look at the candybar's specs, there are clearly better buys on the market. That being said, bright green smartphones running Linux have a certain appeal to them that we're having a hard time denying. Quantities are apparently limited, so consumers hoping to deny actual developers from getting their hands on a kit best get in touch with Trolltech on the double.

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