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Niveus @ CEDIA - HD DVD - equiped PC based media center

Matt Burns

What you are looking at is the first, first that we have heard of at least, media center to integrate an HD DVD drive. This WMC 2005 uber-expensive rack-mount unit is powered by Core 2 Duo Extreme processor, Nvidia's GeForce Series 7 Graphics with, of course, an HDMI output. The series can be configured up to 3TB of storage on a RAID 5 array along with up to 4GB of memory with the goal to provide the best possible media center experience. Niveus is thinking big with that setup along with a pending ISF certification that should scream high-end. The whole get'up is cooled by Niveus proprietary active and passive cooling system called appropriately, Glacier Passive Cooling; these products are in the Rainier lineup after all. The n7 and n9 (pictured) systems don't come cheap as they start out at $6,999 and ascend up to as high as $14,999.

Press release photos including back panel shot after the jump

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