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THX @ CEDIA - THX certification for video displays

Matt Burns

How often have you heard this uttered: "How good is the noise reduction on this HDTV? Looks good to me." Not anymore. Runco worked with THX to produce the same type of certification process that's in place for audio, but this time it is for video and thus producing the world's first THX-certified display. Any type of display, expect CRTs, can earn this esteem'd title but it isn't easy. The actual requirements are revealed to manufacturers only after signing a NDR, but THX is working on a white paper with general information. What we learned from the Runco press event though was that wasn't easy producing a product that met THX's two requirements. One of 'em involves overall performance like brightness and contrast along standard measurements. The second part deals with all the processing. i.e. noise reduction, motion adaptive measurements, cadence, deinterlacing, jagger performance and the big one at this level of primary and secondary color accuracy. This cert can be award to any level of display, but it ain't easy. Runco current has eight products in the works with three in production. We just wonder how long it is till this type of technology filters down to the general public.

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