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Slingbox beta client coming for Mac OS X

David Chartier

If you're primarily a Mac user, you probably haven't heard much about Slingbox, largely in part because it's never had a Mac OS X client. Slingbox, for those interested, is a device that attaches to your home TV/cable/DVR setup and allows you to stream your TV programming over the internet, typically to a Windows PC or even some mobile phones - but soon, a Mac as well. Blake Krikorian, Sling Media's CEO, confirmed yesterday in an interview with the The Guardian that a beta Mac client was coming "this week" for Slingbox, though since it's already Friday even in the U.S., maybe Blake includes 'the weekend' when defining 'a week'.

All joking aside, this is great news for Mac users, as the Slingbox has typically been in the ranks of those gadgets reserved for the elite Windows nerds who just gotta have their TV (don't forget, 'nerd' is technically preferred over 'geek' as a positive adjective). We'll keep you posted when an actual Slingbox client is launched.

Thanks Dave Zatz

Update: Dave Zatz just informed me that Sling Media's VP dropped him a line to say that Blake was misquoted by The Guardian. As it turns out, the private beta is live and well, but the public beta is still a month or so out.

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