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Philips @ CEDIA - Hands-on with the Pronto TSU9600

Matt Burns

We have played with a lot of remotes the last few days but yet the Pronto still surprised us with a 3.7-inch VGA screen. It takes color touch-screens to the next level - way above what the $499 Logitech 1000 has. But then again this Pronto remote targets a whole different market and you will not be able to find this remote in local Best Buys. Plus, we don't think a Best Buy or Circuit City salesmen could convince someone to purchase a $1,299 remote. Oh no, this remote is meant for custom installers who understand the Pronto platform. That extra cash above the Logitech's $499 gets you a lot better feeling remote. This thing isn't light but at the same time feels like something. The buttons are larger, including a rotary wheel for easier navigation, the screen is brighter and the entire layout can be customized. It isn't really fair to compare these two remotes but we just can't help ourselves since this is who Logitech obviously is targeting. This remote is better in almost every way but the price.

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