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Sony @ CEDIA - 52-inch 1080p XBR2 & XBR3 Bravia lines

Matt Burns

Sony is adding to their ever so popular Bravia line-up with a 52-inch 1080p model. The bezel and overall look hasn't changed from this big boys smaller brothers and nether has the picture. Sony has included the DRC 2.5 processor to help smooth out the edges and improve movement that apparently works. High-def looks great on the set, now SD could look totally different but from what we saw, it looks good. The LCD is going to come in both XBR2 and XBR3 lines and should ship in November for $6,500 and $6,800 respectively. Don't forgot that Sony is playing the name game and the only difference between these two models is the piano black finish on the XBR3.

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