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Is the BlackBerry Pearl shipping, or not?

Michael Caputo

We all were excited when we first heard the news that the BlackBerry Pearl was going to release this past Tuesday, September 12th. Some of us stayed up all night and waited to call T-Mobile's Customer Service till just after midnight and place the order for the phone (this post's author included). Everything seemed to be going great; we were so impatient we decided to pay for express shipping through UPS for an additional $15.00, received our order number and went to bed happy. The next day rolled around and we were eager, and decided to call Tmo to get the tracking number. After a twenty minute conversation with the rep, she had told us there was no tracking number yet and the device was still showing as "pending" in their system. Doing a little research, we found that other Tmo customers were experiencing the same issue with their Pearl orders. We might have called our people at Tmo and asked 'em to send us a unit over or something, yes, but that's not playing fair -- we're customers too, and we don't expect special treatment. Today is the third and final day that our phone should be delivered (according to the express shipping that we paid for), so decided to call Tmo once again and there is still no tracking number (to their credit, the rep offered to refund the cost of express shipping -- but what good does that do?) We just want the phone and don't really have the time to visit a retail location; Tmo, you might wanna consider switching to FedEx.

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