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HP Media Vault -- NAS we go again

Ryan Block, @ryan

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You didn't think HP, a company known for its bulletproof corporate storage solutions, was about to just let Maxtor eat up all its chances for butting into the nascent home NAS market, did you? We acquired some interesting info on their first foray into consumer network attached storage: the HP Media Vault, a run of the mill RAID 0/1 unit coming in either 300GB / $379 (with one empty bay) or 500GB / $549 (with one empty bay) configurations. It'll also feature gigabit Ethernet, three USB ports, and expandability up to 1.2TB, but our favorite bit from the internal HP briefing was where some analyst at a pre-briefing noted the unit was "Well designed. Will be better once it is not designed like a PC." So who knows, by the time this thing gets released perhaps it'll look a little less like a Pavilion s7600 Slimline, and a little more like the ugly coupla drives in a box that it is.

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