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"NO SKATING ONLINE" for PS3's Tony Hawk

Kevin Kelly

In another setback facing the PS3 launch, Activision and Neversoft confirmed to Joystiq last week that there will be no online gameplay in Tony Hawk's Project 8.

While the Xbox 360 version will feature up to eight players online, as well as persistent leaderboards and possible future downloadable content, the PS3 is getting no joy.

Possible reasons for this: Neversoft had gotten final hardware from Sony less than three weeks ago and they have yet to receive final software libraries. Hard to build a house when the lumber ain't there yet.

With Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam having already been confirmed as not having online play on the Wii, the Xbox 360 version is your only option if you want to kickflip with your buddy in New Jersey while you sit comfortably in Topeka.

[Thanks for all the reminders, readers]

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